Engage with employees, customers and partners in the most intuitive way. With conversational automation you offload the often time-consuming interactions, while simultaneously increasing the user experience.

Mimic human conversation

Combining machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies generates a solution that allows you to mimic human conversation to understand your customers and employees.

Identify user intents, sentiment and system entities to understand the true meaning behind the user’s words and successfully assist them. Talk to users through multi-language and multi-channel conversations wherever and whenever. These solutions provide you with new ways to optimize your customer and employee touchpoints and enhance the user experience. Essentially increasing your customer and employee satisfaction, loyalty and growth.

Shape your valuable interactions

Conversational automation allows us to design, develop and deploy natural interactions  between employees, customers and  partners. You can shape valuable interactions on a wide variety of platforms, whether it’s enterprise or social messaging apps, on desktop or mobile. Conversational automation offers a complete solution for shaping interactions that are available 24/7 and that  can be easily integrated to communicate with existing enterprise systems. The developed solutions lets users type their question in plain language. Integrated language recognition functions help analyse the input and define the intent. It understands language, identifies the user’s problem and provides a response.

Optimize a wide range of processes

Conversational solutions are widely applicable. Consider all kinds of industries and business functions such as customer service, HR processes, call centres and e-commerce. Many tasks can be considered. Provide  customer services by answering frequently asked questions. Or process complaints  from the initial notification to the solution in one go. Alternatively, focus on employee services by answering common HR-related questions. Instantly resolve questions regarding topics such as holiday leave, or income statements.

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