Innovation has combined powerful algorithms and advanced data transformation to make process mapping fast, data-driven, and complete. With process mining you envision your business processes, accelerate your digital transformation and reach for process excellence.

Transforming business processes

Envisioning your complete business processes has never been easier. With the dawn of process mining solutions the existing log data that is available in your information systems can be used to automatically displays the real process.

Showing you everything within your process, it becomes easy to understand and optimise the end-to-end processes. Bottlenecks, painpoints and automation opportunities become easy to spot. The insight are invaluable for  identifing the most suitable candidate processes for automation, as well as process redesign and optimization decisions. Decisionmaking will shift from intuition to insight. Process mining will allow you to make a next step towards process excelence.

How it works

Where people work with corporate business applications, the digital actions they performed are logged by these application. Combining and transforming data from different application process mining creates visualizations of the end-to-end process. You get the insights of the different variations within a process and useful insights into handling of transaction throughpout the process.. These insights are valuable to understand and improve how you work and to discover the processes or tasks that are most suitable for automation.


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